Half and Day Rate

Half-day rate: £425 up to 4 hours coverage
Full-day. rate: £775 up to 8 hours coverage

Architectural & Real Estate Photography

Property photography exteriors from £175 per location. Include the 10m pole to provide an elevated perspective to your photos for an additional £50.  Each property will include wide angle and close up details photographs.

    One unit                £175 approx 2 Wide &   5 Details

    Two units             £225 approx 4 Wide & 10 Details

    Large building . £275 approx 4 Wide & 12 Details

    10m Pole       £  50 2-5 Pole photos

    Multiple properties add £25 per extra front, this also includes the extra close up detail images

    Plus mileage, parking and tolls.

Product and Pack-Shot Photography

Product photography is based on day rate or per item.  Pack-shot photography includes a £115 set up cost, then per item if the set up remains the same.

    up to   50 items £4 each, plus £115 set up
    up to 100 items £3 each, plus £115 set up
    Handmade Rugs from £25 per item

Portrait and Head-shot Photography
Portraits can be photographed on location, in a portable studio on in an office setting. Each session will be around 45 plus set up time, you may require a hair and make up artist to assist you. With between 5-10 images per session including art working, skin smoothing, hair and spot removal.

    1 hour             1 person £175    
    2 hours 3-4 people £375
    4 hours 6-8 people £525

Head-shots are typically photographed on white or plain background but can easily be taken on location. Typically 6-8 mins a person, with up to 3 images per person with some lose hair and spot removal. You may find having someone for hair and make up artist to assist will speed up the process.

    1 hours up to     6-8 people £275
    2 hours up to 12-16 people £375
    4 hours up to 24-32 people £525

Corporate Event Photography
Corporate Event Photography Packages from £275 for a half day event jpeg only, this means no image editing and a fast turn around. If you'd prefer editing then from £425 and a it will take a couple of days extra.

    4 Hours £425 edited, £275 jpeg only
    8 Hours £775 edited, £500 jpeg only

Prices are subject to change based on location, travel costs, and specific project requirements. Contact me for a personalised quote.