MelenVideo is a professional video production company that specialises in creating high-quality, engaging content for clients.  Whether your project involves documenting an event, produce a promotional video, tell a story with an interview, an educational video or something short for social media MelenVideo productions provides the creative solutions whilst collaborating with you to achieve results.

Welcome to MelenVideo, based in Berkhamsted, near London.  Our videographer, Phil Richardson is a skilled and experienced professional who brings a fresh and friendly approach to capturing your ideas.  Understanding the importance of having quality images that accurately represent your brand and showcase your work or help to communicate your message effectively.

MelenVideo provides experience in interviewing, talking-heads, storytelling, explainer, case studies and training films.  Corporate and Conference events, media training and team building exercises.

We can offer green/Chromakey filming so you can cut out your presenter and put them on any background and with a teleprompter/Autocue for a pieces to camera when you have a lot of text to present.

If you only require someone to film or edit on your project we can offer freelance filming and freelance editing services using FCPX or Premiere.

Explore our site to learn more about our work and involve us early in your project as we can help with planning the filming, timings and budget to achieve your objectives.  So if you're looking for a video production company that will go above and beyond to create your video, look no further than MelenVideo.