As a professional photographer with extensive experience in architectural and construction photography, I bring a unique perspective and creative eye to capturing the beauty and detail of structures and designs. I take the time to understand my client's vision and what they hope to communicate through the images, while using the latest technology and techniques to capture stunning images that showcase the project's progress, design, and scale.

Whether shooting an individual building, a developing construction site, real estate or an intricate interior space, I understand the importance of lighting, composition and capturing the essence of the project in each shot. My keen eye for detail highlights the defining features of the space, whether it be textures, patterns, or particular design elements.

With high-end cameras, specialist lenses, equipment, lighting, and editing software, I deliver high-quality results that accurately and effectively showcase your work. The images are sharp, vivid, and beautifully composed, truly representative of the hard work and dedication that goes into every construction project.

Elevated Views with a 10m Photography Pole
As a great addition to my real estate photography services I offer the use of a 10m photography pole.  It can provide alternative views for architectural photography and bring a new level of excitement to your real estate portfolio.  Easy to transport and set up, it also reduces the risk of accidents or damage to property.  Additionally it can be used where drones are not allowed as a convenient alternative for capturing elevated shots.  This clever tool allows me to capture unique perspectives and visually stunning images that showcase your property in the best possible light.

I am committed to providing exceptional service to my clients, and I am always looking for new and innovative ways to photograph the beauty and uniqueness of each project. If you're looking for a photographer who is passionate about architectural and construction photography and has a creative eye for capturing the essence of your work, then I would be honoured to work with you.

Architectural & Real Estate Photography

Property photography exteriors from £175 per location. Include the 10m pole to provide an elevated perspective to your photos for an additional £50.  Each property will include wide angle and close up details photographs.

    One unit                £175 approx 2 Wide &   5 Details

    Two units             £225 approx 4 Wide & 10 Details

    Large building . £275 approx 4 Wide & 12 Details

    10m Pole        £  50 2-5 Pole photos

    Multiple properties add £25 per extra front, this also includes the extra close up detail images

    Plus mileage, parking and tolls.